Sound Production


Sound production is an art and it is here that Vibes Sound separates itself from other professional recording studios and shines. Sound Production is all about the small technical details that gives each instrument recorded a unique sonic signature while maintaining a coherent aesthetic of the project as a whole.


This is achieved by carefully selecting the equipment and techniques used during recordings. Ie: each microphone sounds different and choosing one that suits the voice of the singer and the song itself can make all the difference when recording the perfect take.


Every guitar and amplifier sounds different even your choice of pick or using your fingers, will you record a fender stratocaster using a vox amp or a gibson les paul using a marshall amp. The placement and number of microphones used will also greatly change the color of the overall sound.



In addition sound design of synthesizers and FX for instruments and vocals also fall under sound production. All of these details are calculated before every recording session and included at Vibes Sound.

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