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שרותי הקלטות וסאונד

The Portnoy Brothers

 The Portnoy Brothers – Mendy and Sruli Portnoy have been coming to Vibes Sound for along time. Most recently they recording, instruments and vocals for their debut album “learning to love” and held a live recording session of there #thankYOUcovers Project Filmed by Alon Hammer of B-Dawg Productions

שרותי מוזיקה

Tamar ivriya

Tamar Kirschenbaum’s debut album Ivria was the first full length album recorded and produced by Vibes Sound. With a limited budget and a short amount of time the results are amazing. Orr Didi, a Vibes Sound session musician played a big part in writing and recording the music on the album.

Yakov Achi Mier

One of israel’s most famous narrators and radio hosts came for a recording session at a studio Moshe Weinstein worked at where he recorded mixed and masterd narration for a film commemorating the Warsaw ghetto revolt during the holocaust for an event at the President’s residence in jerusalem. (Vibes Studio does not hold the rights […]