Music Productions

Vibes Sound offers a wide range of professional musicians, composers and arrangers spanning across all musical genres in order to take your musical concept from a dream to reality, actualizing all its musical and sonic potential.

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Music production is the process of creating a song/album/instrumental piece. Music production can be divided into 3 stages. Starting with a concept or idea, developing and building upon those concepts, giving it the desired style, and finally diving into the small details of the individual instruments and parts that will make up the final product.

Whether you’re a solo artist or band, music production adds depth to your project enhancing your musical concept, coherently expressing your ideas guiding you towards the results you desire and when it’s time to record you know exactly what needs to get done. The Vibes staff will happily accompany you throughout the whole process or in any of the different stages of music productions.


Taking off – The concept

The concept, referring to the idea guiding the project is the first step in music production. The concept can be lyrics, melodies, harmony (chord progressions) a few words, or a general idea. The concept is essentially what the song/instrumental piece is about and all the rest of the music production process will be based on this concept. By understanding the concepts and listening to music, sound, and genre references provided by the artist, vibes Sound and our professional staff work together with the artist/s to create a strong conceptual foundation, filling in the missing pieces of your creative puzzle.


Developing the idea and musical characteristics

After building the basic concept consisting of lyrics, harmony and melody it’s time to develop the song and express the musical characteristics further. This is done by choosing a tempo (speed of the song) creating the rhythms, deciding on the arrangement ( the different parts in the song ie intro outro verse chorus solo bridge ect) and harmony development (chord development ie from Cminor to Cminor 7 ect)


Who plays what and when are they playing?

Up until now we built and developed the song that is able to be performed alone by a piano and a singer, now it’s time to decide what instruments will play, what they will play and when they will play it. Basing these decisions on the concept and characteristics of the first 2 steps of music production, we can now decide for example if there will be drums in the song and if he will only start playing from the second verse, if there will be a guitar, and even what notes he will play during his solo.

It’s important to state that parts can be written for all instruments by the Vibes Sound staff, from violins to saxophones to vocal harmonies to synthesisers to sitars and even sound effects such as bird sounds footsteps and vocal samples. Who will record all these instruments? You can bring your band or own musicians, choose from Vibes Sounds list of session musicians or use state of the art digital technology to generate realistic emulations of any instrument for a cost effective yet great sounding alternative.



Sound production

The last thing to consider before you’re ready to record is Sound Production. This is an inseparable part of music production and recording and what separates Vibes Sound for all its competitors.  How will each instrument sound? Will you play a fender guitar or a Gibson guitar? What microphone will the lead singer use to record? How many microphone will capture the percussion or choir and where will they be placed?

Vibes sound will happily assist you in each step of your creative process, providing professional tools and advice needed to take your musical concept and bring out its full potential as a finished piece of music. For initial consultation – 052-617-1138