Karaoke Recordings

Looking to record a song for a special occasion? A wedding, bar/bat mitzva or perhaps just to surprise a loved one?

Regardless of your experience and budget, the Vibes Sound team is here to make it happen, offering advice and consultation wherever it’s needed.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have – 052-617-1138

The Karaoke and Voice recording services offered at Vibes Sound are done using high quality equipment operated by experienced professionals also trained in music allowing them to offer useful tips and advice (if requested) throughout the session ensuring the best results. The spacious and pleasant studio is located in the quiet Jerusalem neighborhood of the French Hill and is easily accessible by public transportation and by car.

Karaoke Recording


Karaoke recordings are simply vocal recordings over existing music or music prepared beforehand providing the singer with the feeling of a full band playing behind them. Karaoke recordings are a great introduction to the world of recording or it can be a great present for a bar/bat mitzvah or other special events. Karaoke recordings are fun and easy for everyone regardless of your age, prior experience, or the amount of people that will sing on the recording.

Karaoke recordings can be divided into 3 types: singing covers of existing songs, singing different words over an existing song (for a special event), or singing or rapping over original or pre recorded music. Vibes Sound can help write lyrics, give musical and performance tips, and prepare music or beats if requested (music production).


In addition to karaoke recordings for special events which emphasizing the enjoyment of everyone involved in the project and occasion, karaoke recordings are also a great way for new singers to test their vocal abilities in a professional studio and to familiarize himself with the recording process. Even professional singers can take advantage of karaoke recordings, acquiring experience and using the recordings as a business card to show off their talent.

Vibes Sound recommends an average of 3 hours of recording and 2 hours of post recording services (Editing/Mixing/Mastering) to achieve the best results. (Playback not included) The Vibe Sound team has years of experience in karaoke recordings and provides personal service throughout the whole project.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your headphones, step towards the mic, come and feel like a superstar!

Voice recording


Voice recordings are recordings without music. Record a speech, narration, poetry, acapellas, Chazanut, blessings for different events, or anything else that comes to your mind and comes out of your mouth. For example we recorded haftarote for a bale koree, texts in multiple languages for the ministry of education’s oral exams, and we even recorded narration of Yakov Achi Meir for a ceremony at the president’s residence in jerusalem commemorating the warsaw ghetto uprising.

For more information and consultation call us – 052-617-1138