After all the parts of the project are recorded, editing mixing and mastering are highly recommended to bring out the full potential of your project musically and sonically, unifying all the elements together to create the final product.

Vibes Sound uses high quality equipment chosen through years of experience ensuring professional results of your project recorded at our studio or elsewhere.

Editing: Editing is all about perfection and it is the last step in finalizing the project musically. There are 3 stages of editing: first, the best performance must be chosen for each part and instrument that was recorded, connecting them together for seamless transitions between different takes (there are usually more than one take to choose from) Next comes the fine tuning, fixing out of tune vocals or instruments, and making rhythmic adjustments (quantizing) so that all of the different instruments sit tightly together and are playing in sync. The final stage is cleaning up unwanted breaths and noises ensuring only what you want to hear will make it to the final product.

Mixing: After everything is edited and we are satisfied with all the elements that make up the project it’s time to sonically enhance all the instruments and vocals to their fullest potential individually and collectively. Here we can also add effects such as reverb delay, chorus and other modulations to further create a unique sonic signature. After we are satisfied with how the project sounds as a whole, all the different instruments, parts and effects are combined into one file ready to be mastered.

Mastering: The final station of your project before it’s ready for publication. Mastering is essentially leveling the project as a whole so that your songs will be similar in volume to other songs of the same genre, also making small sound adjustments if necessary to ensure accuracy of the sound when listening through different devices, speakers, headphones and rooms. When mastering more than one song for a project here is where the time between each songs and difference in volume is chosen.

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