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Vibes Sound’s studio is located in the jerusalem neighborhood of the French Hill, and offers a wide range of services in music and sound for any budget.

From recordings, karaoke and voice recordings, music for media, full album production, or anything else you may need.

Our services are done using only high quality equipment specifically selected by our team based on years of experience in the field of studio recording and live sound.

Utilizing unique sound production  techniques ensuring the highest standards while standing out from other recording studios.

Our studio was designed by musicians for musicians, emphasising the importance of a comfortable and natural atmosphere in order to bring out your best when you’re creating and recording.

The studio team is flexible, providing personalized service for each project, ensuring a professional experience and results regardless of the project at hand or the background of our client.

The Vibes Sound team is happy to answer all your questions – 052-617-1138

שרותי מוזיקה

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